2014年12月9日 星期二




12月5日 - 色彩校正:


1028 days ago I started this blog with a post about a color correction session for episode 6 of Korra. Today was the last of those sessions for the series. I still love this part of the process, as it is the final polish on the picture, gelling everything together and making it pop. Thanks so much to the Korra colorist, Randy Beveridge, who did such a killer job, played awesome music, and provided the good vibes. Thanks to Sean Holland and all the techs at Level 3 Post for making everything run so smoothly and keeping the sessions cozy.

*This would normally imply that we were finished with the picture on the finale, but we are still cranking on a handful of retakes. We’re using up every last minute we have before delivery to make this one-hour look as good as we can!

1028天之前,我以一篇有關Korra (Book1)第六集色彩校正階段的文章開始這個部落格,今天是這系列最後一次進行這項作業。我仍舊很喜歡製作流程的這個部分,它為畫面做最後修飾,把所有東西整合起來,讓它看起來更出色。非常感謝Korra的色彩師Randy Beveridge,做了這麼棒的工作,演奏很棒的音樂,提供很好的氛圍。感謝Sean Holland與所有Level 3 Post的技術人員,讓一切都那麼順暢,並讓這階段做起來很舒適。


12月7日 - 拜訪配樂師、音效師:


Continuing these posts about “lasts” while they last… I stopped by composer Jeremy Zuckerman’s studio today, his last day of working on the music for the final half hour of Korra. I can’t wait for you all to hear his gorgeous, thrilling, powerful, emotional score. This guy scored 113 episodes of ATLA/LOK! Thank you for giving your incredible talents and dedication to the series, Jeremy!

在這最後製作階段繼續貼關於種種的「最後」...我今天拜訪作曲家Jeremy Zuckerman的工作室,這是他最後一天為Korra最後半小時製作音樂。我等不及讓你們大家聽那美妙、激動人心、彭湃、感人的配樂。這傢伙為譜寫整整113集的《最後的氣宗》/《寇菈傳奇》配樂!感謝你付出你那不可思議的才華與奉獻給這系列,Jeremy!


After visiting with Jeremy today, I headed over to sound designer Benjamin Wynn’s studio just as he finished uploading the massive sound effects session for the final episode of Korra. Ben did the sound design for 113 episodes of ATLA/LOK! Truly a soundbender… Thanks for the insanely intricate and stellar sonics through all these years, Ben!

If Ben ever comes to your corner of the world to play a Deru show, take my advice and do what you can to see/hear it. His 1979 performance is transformative. It’s been an honor to watch his artistry grow since the high school kid with turntables I met in 1996.

今天拜訪Jeremy 過後,我去了音效設計師Benjamin Wynn’s 的工作室,他剛好完成上傳Korra最後一集的巨量音效。Ben為113集的《最後的氣宗》/《寇菈傳奇》做音效設計!是貨真價實的御音師...謝謝你這些年來那些超級複雜又一流的音效,Ben!





Shots from the final mix of Korra this afternoon. Pictured top to bottom/left to right: Adrian Ordonez, final mixer; Benjamin Wynn, sound designer; Jeremy Zuckerman, composer; Aran Tanchum, foley mixer; Michael DiMartino, co-creator/executive producer/story editor. Thanks a million to Adrian and everyone at Levels Audio for 52 amazing mixes! Every one of them was a pleasure. And thanks to all the other amazing folks who contributed to the top-notch audio on Korra. Still just a few more retakes to take care of, and the delivery process… and then that’s a wrap!

攝自今天下午的Korra最終混音,照片由上至下,由左至右:Adrian Ordonez,正片混音師;Benjamin Wynn,音效設計師;Jeremy Zuckerman,作曲;Michael DiMartino,共同創作者/執行製作人/故事總編。為這52集(Korra的總集數)棒透的混音向Adrian與Levels Audio的所有人致上千萬回的感謝!你們每個人都是最好的,也感謝所有其他為Korra一流音效付出的人。仍然有些畫面修正要做,還有影片交付的東西要處理...然後系列就完結了!


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